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Gigaset CX595
Willkommen beim Kundenservice für Ihr Gigaset CX595. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie Antworten zu häufig gestellten Fragen. Sowohl Bedienungsanleitungen wie auch Soft- und Firmware stehen zum herunterladen bereit. Ebenfalls finden Sie hier Videotutorials, die Ihnen bei der Einrichtung helfen. Wenn Ihr Produkt einen Defekt aufweist, können Sie Ihr Gigaset CX595 zur Reparatur anmelden. Außerdem finden Sie hier ubehör für Ihr Gigaset CX595. Sollten Sie nach Produkten für Ihr Gigaset CX595 suchen, finden Sie Informationen dazu in unserer Kompatibilitätsdatenbank. Hier finden Sie auch Hilfestellung zum Registrieren Ihres Gigaset CX595 mit anderen Geräten.

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Top 10 FAQs

  • First steps for troubleshooting
  • Base reset
    • Unplug the power-supply unit from the socket.
    • Press and hold down the paging key on the base station.
    • Plug in the power-supply unit again.
    • Keep the paging key on the base station pressed.
    • Release the paging key after 3 seconds.

    PLEASE NOTE! The entire contents of the memory will be deleted. All portable handsets will be deregistered. The system code will be reset to 0000.

  • Notes on Caller ID (CID)

    By default, the number of the caller is shown in the display of your Gigaset telephone. You do not have to make any other settings on your Gigaset telephone. However, if the caller's number is not displayed, this can be due to the following:

    - You have not ordered CID from your network provider or
    - Your telephone is connected through a PBX that does not transmit all information.

    Is your telephone connected through a PBX/gateway?
    You can establish this by checking for an additional device connected between your telephone and house connection, e.g., a PBX, gateway etc.
    In most cases, simply resetting this device will remedy the situation:
    - Briefly disconnect the power plug of your PBX.
    - Re-insert the plug and wait for the device to restart.

    If the caller number is still not displayed:
    Check the CID settings of your PBX and activate this function if necessary. In the user guide for the device, search for the term "CID" (or an alternative term such as "phone number transmission", "caller ID", ..).

    If necessary, contact the device manufacturer. If this does not resolve the problem, it is possible that your network provider does not support the CID service for this number.

    Have you ordered the CID service from your network provider?
    Check whether your provider supports Caller ID (CID) and that the function has been activated for you. If necessary, contact your provider.

  • How many and which type of calls can be stored in the calls list?

  • How can I do an external call with the Gigaset C59H?
    • Enter the number and press the talk key.

     No dial tone after pressing the talk key?

    •  Please note, that you have to press and hold, the talk key to hear the dial tone.
    • By pressing the talk key briefly you will open the redial list from the last 10 numbers.
    • If you press the handsfree key you will hear the dial tone directly.
  • How is it possible to switch between earpiece and handsfree mode with the Gigaset C59H?

    Press the handsfree key during a call to switch handsfree on or off.

  • Is the internal melody on hold changeable or disengangeable?
  • Details of a phone book entry

    You can store up to 150 phonebook entries in your handset Gigaset C59h.

    Each entry contains the following fields:

    • First Name 16 figures
    • Surename 16 figures
    • Phone (Home) 32 numbers
    • Phone (Office) 32 numbers
    • Phone (Mobile) 32 numbers
    • E-Mail 60 figures
    • Anniversary On / Off
    • VIP Group
  • Which batteries should I use for the Gigaset handset?

    Recommented batteries:

    For Gigaset handsets, use only the batteries approved by Gigaset. The high quality standard guarantees safe use and a long service life.
    NiMh round cells type AAA can be purchased in our Gigaset online shop.

  • How can I find the list entries?

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Kombinieren Sie Gigaset Mobilteile und Basisstationen bzw. Router mit DECT-Funktion
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