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Are you on the move or at your desk? How many employees do you have and how do they make calls? Does your company have a receptionist or do employees answer the phone themselves? Every person is different, just as every company is different. This means that there are no standard solutions when it comes to connectivity, unified communications or telephony. However, it is possible to categorise various types of phone system solutions into rough groups. We have created categories according to the number of employees in order to give you an overall impression of the types of products that provide solutions in these categories. 

Large office with up to 100 employees

In your company you have a combination of fixed and flexi desks, where your employees can set up with their laptop and mobile phone. All these devices have to work together and should be connected. Using the latest technology on CTI, your phone system can be integrated into your CRM/ERP solution. This requires a well thought-out plan for your unified communication solutions.
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Medium office with up to 15 employees

Reachability is just as important in a medium sized office. Whether you use desktop phones, mobiles, cordless phones and OS X or Windows-based computers. Gigaset is using the latest innovation for everyone with demanding collaborative communication needs. It is a future-proofing network investment which supports seamless migration to the latest network infrastructure. Gigaset can support you with planning and implementation for your system.
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Small office with up to 7 employees

Collaboration between all communication devices is key in the modern office of today. With all its demanding communication wishes, needs and combinations of traditional analogue, ISDN and internet phone lines with fax, answering machines and cordless phones. It all comes together in one easy-to-operate and elegantly styled desktop phone. This is Gigaset’s core offering.
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Home office

When your office is in the same building as your home, it is logical to use the same communication infrastructure. But, separating your home and business phone line is a must. You may wish to integrate your mobile to enjoy lower cost routing and to distinguish between ringing handsets. For instance, you may choose for the phone in the living room to ring when a business call comes in, while other home phones don’t ring. This is user benefit orientation by Gigaset.
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More than one office

Smart solutions can lead to user benefits and significant savings. (Home) offices between cities or around the globe can be connected into one large collaborated, secured network. It offers you many advantages as a company and as a user . Interconnection will integrate your unified communication facilities, free internal phone calls and a one common call number concept. You get to manage everything in the way that suits your business best, whilst we ensure that installations run smoothly all around the world.
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