• Description

    Maximum comfort for frequent phoners and business users, plus an answering machine

    The Euroset 5035 is a high-quality corded phone designed to make business or home calling a pleasure. Whether you’re at your desk at the office or in your kitchen at home, this phone offers a wide range of advanced options designed to make keeping in touch effortless. To start, it features an integrated answering machine, so you’ll never miss an important call. It also offers you handsfree talking in brilliant sound quality, so you can type away on your PC at work or straighten up the living room in your house without having to be attached to your handset. If you’re always hunting for numbers, you’ll also appreciate this model’s roomy phonebook with space for 99 contacts. A handy display even shows you important information, such as a list of recent callers.

    Life at home or the office can be hectic. That’s why it’s great to have a corded phone like the Euroset 5035 around to make things easier. You can count on getting years of dependable use out of this quality product.

    Your answering machine is there when you’re not
    Don’t worry about missing an important call if you’re out for lunch. Just put this phone’s built-in answering machine on duty. With the Euroset 5035 you’ll have space for 40 minutes of messages – plenty of room for everyone trying to get in touch. If you’re out and need to check to see who called, you’ll even be able to listen to your messages remotely via a secure PIN. Other advanced features – such as programmable incoming message recording time and a dual outgoing message function – make it easy to stay in touch, even when you’re away.

    The freedom of handsfree talking
    Sometimes it’s great to be able to do other things while talking on the phone. Maybe you’d like to have a comfortable chat with a friend and still be able to prepare dinner. Or maybe you’re looking for a better way to type and talk at work. With the convenience of handsfree calling, the corded Euroset 5035 can accommodate the needs of multitaskers everywhere – without sacrificing any of the brilliant sound quality that characterizes our phones.

    A phoneboook for easily managing your contacts
    Frequent callers need an easy way to find their contacts – and enough space for everyone. This phone offers you a built-in phonebook to make dialing easy. With 99 contacts right at your fingertips, you can instantly reach anyone at the touch of a button. Forget memorizing numbers. The Euroset 5035 does it for you.

    A convenient display gives you all the info
    The display is just one of the many little ways the Euroset 5035 makes phoning more efficient. It’s there for you whenever you reach for the phone, showing each number as you dial so you can be sure you’ve got it right. Thanks to the CLIP function you can also see who’s calling when the phone rings, and bring up a list of the last 50 calls – ideal for keeping track of business contacts.

    The corded Euroset 5035 lets you enjoy maximum ease of phoning. Whether you use it for business or pleasure, you’ll find it the perfect assistant for reliable communication.

  • Specifications
    Answering machine features
    Protection of recordings against power failure yes
    AM control via handset | via base station - | yes
    Timed change between predefined and individual announcements yes
    Date and time announcement yes
    Mailboxes up to … | PIN-protected - | -
    Predefined | individual announcements yes | yes
    Recording time up to … min. | playback of messages from external phone 40 | -
    Open listening at base station yes
    Operate answering machine by voice command -
    Convenience - phoning essentials
    Automatic dialing of operator prefix yes
    Last dialed ... numbers 5
    Call blocking -
    Visual signal: incoming calls | lost calls - | yes
    Proximity sensor -
    Direct dialing keys 10
    Plug-and-play installation yes
    Display and menu features
    Display of caller’s number (CLIP) | picture (Picture CLIP) yes | -
    Easy-to-use text-based menu | jumbo fonts | icon-based yes | - | yes
    …line, …digits, …segments 2 | 16 | Dot-Matrix
    Call duration displayed yes
    Date displayed yes
    Time displayed yes
    List of last … missed calls with time and date 50
    Display: numeric | alphanumeric | semigraphical | graphical yes | yes | yes | -
    Display: illuminated | colour | adjustable angle - | - | -
    Keypad features
    Key lock yes
    Recall key yes
    Message indicator key yes
    Colour of illumination -
    Illuminated keypad -
    Wall mountable -
    Warranty 2 years
    Batteries -
    Sound quality
    Hands-free talking | convenient hands-free | advanced hands-free - | - | yes
    Hearing aid compatibility yes
    Adjustable handset volume yes
    Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries -
    Ringer melodies | polyphonic | real sounds I downloadable 10 | - | - | -
    Technical data
    Available colours Anthracite/Arctic gray
    Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 80x232x201
  • Support
  • This product might not be available in your country. For detailed information, please consult your local retailer.

  • ¹ Dependent on network operator