• Description
    No tool is more important to modern business than the telephone. Consequently, ease of use and reliability are essential criterias in choosing this vital piece of office equipment. And this is exactly where the Gigaset CX203 isdn scores the highest, no matter whether you are sitting at your desk or strolling around using the handsfree function.
  • Specifications
    Dialing Features
    Redialing function yes
    Phone directory 100 entries
    Pre-dialing yes
    Pre-selection of Netprovider manually
    Call list with timestamp and dialling facility for up to 40 entries
    Voice dialing depends on mobile unit
    Automatic redialing yes
    Features of integrated answering machine
    Recording time up to 25 min.
    Time control of answering machine yes
    Time-controlled change between announcement and advisory message yes
    Predefined announcements (plug & play) yes
    Date and time announcement yes
    Announcements 2 individual\, 1 advisory
    PIN protected mailboxes up to 3
    Protection of recordings against power failure unlimited
    Remote playback yes (PIN-protected)
    Answering machine controlling via basestation and handset
    Direct access to answering machine via separate key yes
    Features with more than 1 handset
    simultaneous calls (conferencing) yes
    Transfer of external calls to another handset with prior consultation call or recall
    Front Features
    Display graphic: 4 lines
    Call duration per call displayed yes
    Date and time displayed yes
    LED signalling via MWI key
    Operations controlled via menu
    Illuminated display yes
    ISDN features
    Private telephone system yes
    CLIP (depending on country and network) yes
    CW (call waiting) yes
    ECT (exclusive call transfer) yes
    MCID (malicious call identification) yes
    AOC (advice of charge) yes
    TP (terminal portability) yes
    Dialing functions */# dial / kepad / DTMF within call
    Administration of telephone numbers yes\, for up to 10
    Connection point to multipoint
    Clock feature synchronising via ISDN
    Call functions hold\, consultation\, toggle\, accept/reject\, forwarding\, deflection\, three-party conference
    CCBSR/CCNRS (call completition on busy subscriber/no reply) yes
    PC features
    Driver for cordless internet access yes\, with Gigaset USB Adapter
    Internetaccess yes\, with Gigaset USB Adapter
    SMS functionality
    Transmission yes
    Personalized SMS Inbox depends on mobile unit
    Easy Text-Input-Method depends on mobile unit
    Download EMS support for S1 and SL1
    Transmission of e-mails depends on mobile unit
    List with Emoticons available depends on mobile unit
    Special features
    Hands-free talking | convenient hands-free | advanced hands-free yes
    Open listening at basestation yes
    Support for Gigaset Repeater yes
    Baby phone / room monitoring yes
    Multilingual menu for up to ... languages 17 languages
    Alarm call and date reminder yes
    Technical specifications
    DECT/GAP yes
    Available accessories handsets\, Repeater\, USB Adapter
    Available colours midnightblue
    Dimensions Basestation (L x W x D) in mm 240 x 82 x 210
    Range outdoor up to 300 m
    Range indoor up to 50 m
    Weight basestation approx. 690g
    Handset extension up to 6 handsets or data boxes
  • Accessories
    • Gigaset SL400H
      Gigaset SL400H
      • Luxurious materials – genuine metal frame and illuminated keypad
      • Generous colour display with intuitive user interface
      • Convenient Bluetooth® headset connection
      • ECO DECT with no radiation1
  • Support
  • This product might not be available in your country. For detailed information, please consult your local retailer.