• Description

    The compact, wall-mountable, corded telephone for basic calling needs

    Introducing the Gigaset DA210: the compact, basic corded phone ideal for straightforward telephony at home or in the office. Wall-mountable to save space, it comes with a long elastic cable up to three metres long, allowing you to move around while talking. You can program the Gigaset DA210 with up to 10 speed dial entries to quickly connect with your most frequent contacts. Forgotten to mention something in your last conversation? The last number redial function allows you to reconnect with a single push of a button. The Gigaset DA210 can connect to the public telephone network as well as a private office network.

    With basic functionality designed for ease-of-use, the Gigaset DA210 is perfect for those who require a simple corded telephone.

    Save space and stay flexible
    The Gigaset DA210 is wall-mountable to reduce clutter. The handset end of the cable can be stretched from 0.4m to up to 3m. The cable from the telephone to the socket adds another 2m and allows even more freedom of movement.

    Get connected in seconds
    The Gigaset DA210 doesn’t need a separate power supply and never needs charging. Simply plug it in to a telephone socket on the public network, or into a private branch exchange or gateway and start calling. An operation manual is included and enables set up in just seconds.

    Enjoy convenience and save time
    With up to 10 speed dial entries possible, you’ll spend less time searching for phone numbers on the Gigaset DA210 and more time taking care of business. The handy last number redial function also lets you get back to your last conversation at the push of a button.

    Control your conversation
    Need to speak with someone in the room while preventing your calling partner from hearing? Keep the caller on the line and hit the mute key so they can’t hear you. The Gigaset DA210 also gives you a choice of three ringtone melodies and volumes. You can choose to turn the ringtone off and receive incoming calls via visual call notification. Another important feature for those with hearing impairment: the Gigaset DA210 is hearing aid compatible.

    The Gigaset DA210: the compact, corded, wall-mountable phone for basic telephony needs.

  • Specifications
    Convenience - phoning essentials
    Automatic dialing of operator prefix -
    Last dialed ... numbers 1
    Call blocking -
    Visual signal: incoming calls | lost calls yes | -
    Proximity sensor -
    Direct dialing keys -
    Plug-and-play installation yes
    Display and menu features
    Display of caller’s number (CLIP) | picture (Picture CLIP) - | -
    Easy-to-use text-based menu | jumbo fonts | icon-based - | - | -
    …line, …digits, …segments - | - | -
    Call duration displayed -
    Date displayed -
    Time displayed -
    List of last … missed calls with time and date -
    Display: numeric | alphanumeric | semigraphical | graphical - | - | - | -
    Display: illuminated | colour | adjustable angle - | - | -
    Keypad features
    Key lock -
    Recall key yes
    Message indicator key -
    Colour of illumination -
    Illuminated keypad -
    Sound quality
    Hands-free talking | convenient hands-free | advanced hands-free - | - | -
    Hearing aid compatibility yes
    Headset connection | corded 2,5 mm | Bluetooth® - | - | -
    Adjustable handset volume yes
    Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries -
    Ringer melodies | polyphonic | real sounds I downloadable 3 | - | - | -
    Technical data
    Wall mountable yes
    Warranty 2 years
    Available colours black | white
  • Support
  • This product might not be available in your country. For detailed information, please consult your local retailer. 

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