• Description

    Solid construction, practical functionality and straightforward design make this phone with an integrated answering machine a good-value choice.

    The Gigaset A420A is a simple, stable phone to cover your everyday calling needs, with the added benefits of an integrated answering machine with up to 25 minutes of recording time. The phonebook for up to 100 names and numbers lets you reach your contacts in seconds. Its large, high-contrast, illuminated display enables easy reading and navigation. Conversations reach you with absolute clarity, even when you talk in handsfree mode, with brilliant HSPTM sound quality. The Gigaset A420A is equipped with Eco Mode Plus to ensure that your home environment remains environmentally friendly.

    Convenient answering machine 
    Even when you’re not around, the Gigaset A420A takes care of things with its easy to use integrated answering machine with up to 25 minutes of recording time. You can access messages either via the handset or the base station with an illuminated “play” key as well as an “on/off” key. Use the predefined message or record your own welcome message of up to 170 seconds. The Gigaset A420A also lists new messages on the handset and announces the date and time of each message for your convenience.

    Clear calling
    The Gigaset A420A was designed with practical functionality and your calling comfort in mind. Reading and navigating the menu are effortless thanks to its 1.8-inch, illuminated display, which glows with a white light and has a high contrast. Brilliant HSPTM sound technology guarantees clear conversations, even in handsfree mode. And you never have to worry about the phone’s battery life, as the Gigaset A420A’s solid construction features a long talk time of up to 20 hours and a standby time of up to 240 hours. 

    Customizable features
    Keep your friends and family close: the Gigaset A420A allows you to save up to 100 names and numbers in the phonebook for quick and simple calling. A day/night switch allows you to mute the handset’s ringer for a good night’s sleep, and anonymous call silencing optionally mutes the phone’s ringer for unidentified incoming callers. Up to 4 additional handsets allow you to set up multiple calling stations within your household. This way, the good-value Gigaset A420A can be tailored precisely to your needs.

    Functions for efficiency
    The Gigaset A420A indicates missed calls on its illuminated display to let you know who called when you were out. It also features a key signal that immediately alerts you to the fact that a call was missed. It is easy to resume previous conversations: simply take advantage of the Gigaset A420A’s redialling function. You can redial the last 10 numbers entered with just one click.


    ECO DECT: Pure energy savings and reduced radiation1
    The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset A420A consumes less electricity2, so it’s kinder to the environment, and kinder to your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset A420A’s base station by 80%3 simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, radiation-free4 ECO Mode Plus turns off the transmitting power when the phone is in standby.

    For calling made simple, discover the stable and reliable Gigaset A420A – a truly good-value home phone with an integrated answering machine.
  • Specifications
    Answering machine features
    Protection of recordings against power failure si
    AM control via handset | via base station si | si
    Timed change between predefined and individual announcements -
    Date and time announcement si
    Mailboxes up to … | PIN-protected 1 | si
    Predefined | individual announcements si | si
    Recording time up to … min. | playback of messages from external phone 25 | si
    Open listening at base station si
    Operate answering machine by voice command -
    SOS Function no
    Convenience - phoning essentials
    Bluetooth® function | Mini-USB | Micro-USB - | -
    Dial by voice command -
    Automatic redial function in handset -
    Automatic dialing of operator prefix -
    Last dialed ... numbers 10
    Phonebook transfer: via DECT | via Bluetooth® | via LAN si | - | -
    Phonebook | address book | entries si | - | 100
    Standby time | talk time 240h | 20h
    Room monitoring -
    Vibracall -
    SIM card reader and writer -
    Live recording of calls -
    Calendar -
    Date reminder function | alarm call - | si
    Plug-and-play installation si
    Range indoors | outdoors 50 | 300
    Display and menu features
    Charging status displayed si
    Call duration displayed si
    Call charge displayed -
    Range displayed (handset to base station) si
    Date displayed si
    Time displayed si
    List of last … missed calls with time and date 25
    Display of caller’s number (CLIP) | picture (Picture CLIP) si | -
    Easy-to-use text-based menu | jumbo fonts | icon-based si | si | si
    ... pixel, ... inch, ... colors and ... lines 96x64 | 1\,8`` | b/w | 3
    Display: illuminated | color si | -
    Display: numeric | alphanumeric | semigraphical | graphical - | - | - | si
    Multilingual menu for up to ... languages 24
    Up to 60% less power consumption si
    Transmitting power at almost zero when handset docked si
    Radiation-free ECO Mode Plus si
    ECO Mode si
    Keypad features
    Navigation key si
    Message indicator key si
    Color of illumination ámbar gris
    Illuminated keypad si
    Messaging functions
    Up to … characters SMS | e-mail - | -
    Up to ... personalized SMS in-boxes -
    E-mail notification -
    Wall mountable si
    Warranty 2 años
    Batteries 2xAAA
    SAR Value
    SAR Value Gigaset Handsets < 0\,1 W/kg
    Equipped with speech transmission encryption si
    Sound quality
    Hands-free talking | convenient hands-free | advanced hands-free - | si | -
    Headset connection | corded 2,5 mm | Bluetooth® - | - | -
    Adjustable handset volume si
    Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries no
    HSP™ for brilliant sound quality si
    HDSP™ ready handset -
    Ringer melodies | polyphonic | real sounds I downloadable 20 | - | - | -
    Technical data
    Standards DECT | GAP si | si
    Dimensions handset (H x W x D in mm) 156x48x28
    Dimensions basestation (H x W x D in mm) 64x128x103
    Dimensions charger (H x W x D in mm) 40x71x74
    Available colors negro
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    Gigaset A420

  • Support
  • This product might not be available in your country. For detailed information, please consult your local retailer. 


  • 1 The DECT transmitting power is switched off when handset is in idle mode – when all registered handsets support ECO Mode Plus.
  • 2 Compared to conventional Gigaset base stations
  • 3 For all registered handsets – in comparison to when ECO Mode is not activated and to our conventional cordless phones.
  • 4 The DECT transmitting power is switched off for all registered handsets – when all support ECO Mode Plus.