IP Phones

NextG phones Gigaset fuses the advantages of modern internet calling with classic telephony. Select between a NextG Logopure VoIP solution, a phone for basic internet telephony, interactive info services, or the best of both. Discover the wide world of Gigaset NextG™.

HDSP™ - Exceptional sound quality Exceptional sound with HDSP™ *. Giving you twice the sound quality with every broadband call between HDSP™ -capable phones.High Definition Sound Performance This way you experience calls that sound more like face-to-face conversation. Info Services & Applications

The advantages of Gigaset NextG telephony extend far beyond internet calls. Stay informed on your handset with info services such as a personalised weather forecast or the eBay companion, or use helpfulInfo Services applications such as the email viewer application. And whenever you need a phone number, just use the online phonebook.