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Version 0.1.4

Gigaset C475 IP

Gigaset C470 IP / C475 IP / S675 IP / S685 IP - Firmware update 12/2010 (version 02227)


  • New URL for provider profile and firmware update:…
  • PSTN: Bugfix for calls using access code with 2 or 3 digits
  • VoIP: MWI notification for incoming calls is now VoIP account specific
  • VoIP: Improved early media support for outgoing wideband calls (handling of ALERTING)
  • Optimization for internal calls from a HDSP-ready handset to a standard handset
  • Display correct date for the last three days of the year.
  • Web Configurator (Settings/Telephony/Audio): The Codec list for is also displayed if no other VoIP accounts are configured.
  • Web Configurator (Status/Device): MAC identifier for auto-configuration is shown additionally to MAC address.
  • Interoperability with PBX 'Trixbox Pro' - bugfix for incoming calls
  • Australia: Daylight Saving Time corrected.

How to update the firmware:
You don't need to download files. The firmware is updated directly

online by the Gigaset C470 IP / C475 IP / S675 IP / S685 IP. You can easily initiate the

update by three steps:

  1. Menu» Settings» Base» Firmware Update
  2. Enter base station system PIN (default setting: 0000)
  3. Press the display key "Yes" to start the download

If your firmware is

already up to date, the handset informs you. No action is needed then.

How to check for your firmware version:

  • Via Web Configurator: Status » Firmware version » The first 5 digits indicate the number of the firmware update
  • If you are in a call (> 8 sec): Menu » Service-Info » Scroll to list entry number 4. The first 5 digits indicate the number of the firmware update


Download this information here: