• Hans-Henning Doerr leaves Gigaset AG

    Mr. Hans-Henning Doerr, CFO of Gigaset AG, has decided, for personal reasons, not to extend his employment contract expiring at the end of the year.

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  • Two become one! Gigaset smart home alarm system presents new “universal” sensor

    Gigaset is presenting the “universal” sensor for windows and doors for its smart home alarm system. It comprises the functions of the “door” and “window” sensors and now also offers full support for sliding doors, as well as sliding and roof windows, which was not previously possible. The sensor will also have a pre-alert function when a software update is supplied at the end of the year. “universal” thus gives users not only greater flexibility as regards use, but also a much wider functional...

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  • The new Gigaset GS170 smartphone – smart features, smart price

    The new Gigaset GS170 is here, following on smoothly from its predecessor, the GS160. It likewise promises smart features at a smart price – in this case €149.00. Compared to its forerunner, the new GS170 not only boasts a new look and different color variants, but the display, operating system and RAM have also been improved.

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  • Gigaset smart home alarm system integrates Philips Hue lighting control concept

    For years, Gigaset’s smart home alarm system has offered a secure and reliable solution to give homes optimum protection against burglary and fire. As recent surveys show, consumers regard security solutions as especially practical, among other applications. There is also a high willingness to invest in security, monitoring and alarm systems. Gigaset is responding to this and expanding its portfolio by integrating Philips Hue light sources.

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  • Gigaset elements – the innovative smart home alarm system

    Interest in a smart home is growing by the day. In a recent study , 60% of all respondents said they found the topic of smart home “interesting” or “very interesting.” Consumers regarded a means of controlling the heating, medical applications and security solutions as especially practical. This focus on security means there is a particularly great willingness to invest in monitoring and alarm solutions. Gigaset is addressing that very need by offering security for everyone with its innovative...

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  • The new Gigaset L470 handsfree clip - Convenient security at the touch of a button

    In April 2017, Gigaset presented the Gigaset E560A PLUS, a new telephony concept that enables private individuals to combine phone and SOS functionality with no extra subscription or service costs. The Gigaset E560A PLUS, comprising the Gigaset E560A premium large-button phone with an answering machine and the new Gigaset L470 clip, a further development of the L410 handsfree clip, combines convenient telephony with a compact and portable SOS function. The L470 clip is now also available...

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  • Revenue increases in growth areas in the first quarter of 2017 – Gigaset expands its strategic position in Europe

    * Consolidated revenue in the Consumer Products segment falls to €58.4 million for market-related reasons (Q1 2016: €61.9 million)

    * Cost-cutting measures are having an impact: EBITDA rises sharply to €3.1 million (Q1 2016: €1.2 million)

    * Outlook remains positive: New products will make a double-digit contribution to revenue as early as this year

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  • HTV-Life® mark of excellence for the Gigaset CL660HX

    Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately reduces a product’s useful life, is more than ever an issue of concern to consumers. After all, such conduct not only hits customers in the pocket, but is also primarily a burden on the environment. With its premium products and production in Germany, Gigaset has taken a clear stance against planned obsolescence and also has this certified by an external body – with a corresponding seal from the HTV test house. The new Gigaset CL660HX...

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  • Gigaset SL450 awarded the HTV-Life® mark of excellence

    Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately limits a product's useful life, is a worry for consumers in Germany and throughout the world. That is no surprise: After all, they and the environment suffer if products are inadequate and so have to be replaced soon. The HTV-Life® mark of excellence provides clarity – and Gigaset is one of the world’s first manufacturers to have already gained it for its Repeater 2.0 and the telephone lines A400, E310, E550, E630, C430, C620, S850, SL400,...

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