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Transparent communication with investors and stakeholders is of particular interest to Gigaset AG. Our goal is to convey a realistic and comprehensive picture of Gigaset AG to the capital market. With this, we wish to ensure a uniform level of information to all investors and provide a valid assessment of the long-term potential of our company. Therefore – in addition to the so-called compulsory communication that can also be found on this site – we publish the relevant news via press releases and offer you the opportunity to subscribe to our investor newsletter.

Press Releases

Ad hoc News

  • Ara, 2017, Munich

    Gigaset appoints Stephan Mathys as new Chief Financial Officer     read more

  • Tem, 2017, Munich

    Hans-Henning Doerr leaves Gigaset AG     read more

  • Mar, 2017, Munich

    Gigaset to expect profit for fiscal year 2016     read more