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  • Where are the servers of the Gigaset elements cloud located?

    To provide the highest security for your Gigaset elements system and the referring data, the cloud servers are located at a provider in Germany. This host guarantees data security and data privacy under the German data protection law. 

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  • How secure is my data at Gigaset elements?

    Protection of personal data is of great importance to us. We conduct our activities in compliance with applicable regulations on data privacy protection and data security. We only collect personal data (f.e. name, address, phone number and email address) if they are needed for a contractual relationship or if you make them available by your own choice (e.g. during the registration process).

    Your data is only passed on to third parties, if it is necessary for the purpose of contract execution or billing.

    For the purpose of using your Gigaset elements, datastreams that flow from the sensors via the base station to the Gigaset elements server environment are recorded anonymously so Gigaset Communications GmbH is not able to link certain people to their system use.

    Please also note our detailed rules concerning data protection as well as our terms of use. 

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  • How strong is the radio transmission exposure?

    The wireless sensors are usually in an almost-off mode and only activate the radio channel for a short period of time, for example if data has to be transferred.

    Because of the DECT-ULE standard an insignificant amount of emission occurs within these transfer times, which furthermore lies far below the legal limit of 2 W/kg. 

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  • Is it possible to use Gigaset elements´ sensors in humid areas?

    window, door, motion and base are not protected against spray water, so we can´t recommend to use them in moist areas. Persistent humidity might also damage the sensors. 

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  • How sensitive are the sensors to external influences?

    The sensors work reliable within these parameters:

    - Between 20% and 75% humidity
    - Between 5 and +45 degree Celsius operating temperature

    Gigaset elements´ sensors are not protected from spray water; permanent exposure to humidity or cold might damage them as well. So they should not be used outside or in moist areas. 

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  • What should I do after a successful update?

    After a successful update the sensor or your base station is up to date. If you have carried out an update of door or window, it must now be set up again. This can be done from the system overview in the app:
    - First click on the sensor that has been updated and click on SET UP. Then simply follow the instructions in the app.

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  • I have started an update, what do I do now?

    Once you've started an update you don't need to do anything else. Updating the base station usually takes a few minutes, updating the sensors can take between 15 and 30 minutes (since it is transmitted wirelessly).

    You can see in your event list, when an update has been completed. Please note that door and window need to be calibrated after a successful update.

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  • Do I need to activate Gigaset elements so that it alerts me?

    If you leave your home, door ensures that you will be notified immediately if someone attempts to get through the door by force (using hard punches or kicks) into your home. You don't need to activate anything for door to get alerted. As soon as you leave your home, door will notify you automatically.

    If someone attempts to gain access to your home by manipulating your door lock or through a window, when in fact no one should be at home, you can be notified of this if you activate the away mode under CONFIGURATION. If this is the case, door and window sensors will immediately report to you by email or push message.

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  • How can I extend my Gigaset elements system?

    You can already upgrade your starter kit with door and window sensors, motion detectors, an alarm siren and a camera:

     - door is the door sensor: He tells your smartphone, when somebody leaves or enters your home. It also alerts you in the app if somebody tries to open the door violently. If this happens, he emits a noise to draw attention.
    - window is the window sensor. He informs you if a window gets opened, closed or tilted. It also alerts you, if a window gets opened, when nobody should be at home.
    - motion is the motion detector. It detects movements in a room and notifies you, if somebody moves inside your home although you don´t want any company.
    - siren is the alarm siren. If your Gigaset elements system recognizes a break-in, it will release a loud deterrent noise.
    - camera is the new sense for your Gigaset elements system. In case of a notification you are now able to observe the incident immediately via your app. The recording function gives you the possibility to save events in the cloud for later observation.

    In the future Gigaset elements will be constantly expanded by new features and functions to make your life easier. Simply sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with those developments. 

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