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Analog Phones


  • Base reset
    • Unplug the power-supply unit from the socket.
    • Press and hold down the paging key on the base station.
    • Plug in the power-supply unit again.
    • Keep the paging key on the base station pressed.
    • Release the paging key after 3 seconds.

    PLEASE NOTE! The entire contents of the memory will be deleted. All portable handsets will be deregistered. The system code will be reset to 0000.

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  • Does the Gigaset S685/S685 support OPCAP ?

    The meaning of OPCAP

    Description: Open Platform For Cordless Applications

    The OPCAP interface allows you to control different applications with an Gigaset telephone. Therefore a registration of the device which shall become controlled has to be registered to the Gigaset base station.

    The handset Gigaset S68H is able to display OPCAP menus.

    The Base station Gigaset S680 / S685 are supporting the OPCAP interface.

    Example: With OPCAP you are able to register the Gigaset M34 USB at the Gigaset S680 / S685 base station, to use the M34 functions. The supported functions are:

    VoIP calls through Skype (separate internet connection necessary)

    Remote control of PC programs

    Using of messenger programs such as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL and Skype.

    Configuration of the phone book

    Other examples you can find here:

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  • Reset the base station to factory conditions
    • Unplug power supply
    • Hold down Paging key
    • Plug in power supply
    • Hold down Paging key at least for 3 seconds
    • Release Paging key

    After that the reset is performed and all handset are deregistered

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  • How many handsets can be registered on the base S680/675?

    You can register up to six handsets to your base station.

    A Gigaset S68H handset can be registered to up to four base stations.

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  • Will the base station ring on an incoming call?

    Only the base S(X)675/ S(X)685 has an integrated loudspeaker, so the S(X)675/ S(X)685 will ring on an incoming call.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

    It is possible to switch off the ringer volume from the S(X)675/ S(X)685 base station<o:p></o:p>



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  • How to register the handset S68H to the base station Gigaset S680 / S685?

    You can register up to a total of six hand-sets on your base station.

    A Gigaset S68H handset can be registered on up to four base stations.

    You must activate manual registration of the handset at both the handset and the base station.

    After it has registered, the handset returns to idle status.

    The internal number of the handset appears in the display, e.g. INT 1.

    If it does not, repeat the procedure.



    MenuPress right of the control key

    8 4 3Enter 8 4 3

    Select BaseSelect the base with the control key

    OK Press the right softkey

    System-PIN: Enter System PIN (0000)

    OK Press the right softkey



    On the base station:

    Within 60 secs. press and hold the registration/paging key on the base station (approx. 3 secs.).

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  • How many ring tones are available in the handset?

    There are 30 melodies available (20 polyphonic)

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Gigaset S675 - FAQ Topics


  • Answering machine
  • Audio / Ringer Tones
  • C

  • Charging
  • Compatibility
  • Call list
  • D

  • Directory / Phone book
  • Display
  • R

  • Reset procedures
  • Registering
  • Room Monitor
  • S

  • Settings / Using / Handling
  • U

  • Using behind PABX