My battery is almost flat, what should I do?

If your system shows you that the battery in a sensor is almost flat, please change it for an original Gigaset battery.
Alternatively, you can use a lithium CR-123A 3V battery. These are available in the most electronics shops. The following batteries have been tested by the Gigaset elements team and can be used with our products. Recommended are

Duracell camera battery 123, CR17345, 3.0V, 1400mAh
Panasonic lithium CR123A, 3V, 1400mAh
Panasonic CR123A / CR123 / CR17345 lithium battery, 3V, 1400mAh
Energizer EL 123 AP CR 17345 1400mAh

and others.

Should your battery become flat due to a technical fault significantly earlier than the expected average life span of one year, please contact our Customer Services. We will do our best to help you here.