Problem Cause Action
Left LED flashes continu-ously when the registration procedure has been con-cluded No radio connection to the base station Repeat registration
Left LED flashes continu-ously at a selected location No radio connection to the base station Select a new location
Left LED does not light up at all Power supply off Check the power point
No reception of the handset in the area of the repeater Repeater not registered

No radio connection to the base station

Handset cannot find the repeater
Repeat registration

Select a new location

Switch handset on and off
Right LED lit constantly Base station has not been prepared for repeater operation Check the preconditions and prepar-atory steps required by your base sta-tion for registering a repeater. Then repeat these steps to register the repeater.
No registration of addi-tional repeaters possible with encryption activated Maximum number of repeaters that can be con-nected to the base station has been reached De-register repeaters that are no longer required using the repeater de-registration procedure described in the user guide or system menu of your phone.If you need more repeaters to relay the base station, please note that you can run up to 6 repeaters, if encryp-tion is deactivated.To deactivate encryption, all regis-tered repeaters must first be de-regis-tered. You can then deactivate encryption and register your repeat-ers again.