Where should I place the Gigaset Repeater?

Once registration has been carried out successfully, you can install the

Gigaset Repeater wherever you would like to extend the reception range

of your handsets. However, you must ensure that there is a power point

at the place of installation and that the left LED remains on constantly

after the device has been switched on.
If the left LED flashes, the

Gigaset Repeater is too far away from the base station or reception is

being hindered by thick walls or metal objects for example (e.g.


When looking for a suitable installation site, a

useful guide is a handset which requires a good connection with the base

station at the Gigaset Repeater installation site.
To operate a

handset for the first time in the extended Gigaset Repeater area, switch

off the handset within the new reception range of the Gigaset Repeater,

but outside the reception range of the base station, and then switch it

back on again.

Please note: If you are using more than

one Gigaset Repeater in the area of your base station, you must keep the

Gigaset Repeaters at least 10 m apart.