How can I synchronize contacts with my Google account?

The PC contacts tab in Settings defines the methods Gigaset QuickSync uses for synchronizing contacts.


To open the PC contacts tab:

  • Click the Settings icon on the toolbar.
  • Then click the PC contacts tab.

All the changes are saved automatically.


For Synchronization with the Google account select the option Google Contacts in the PC contacts list. The use of this contact source requires a Google Account and Internet access.


Click the "Allow access" button to authorize Gigaset QuickSync to access Google Contacts. Then enter your login data in the "Google Account" window and allow access on Google Contacts by clicking the corresponding button.


Your Google Account credentials are not stored by Gigaset QuickSync. The application will access Google Contacts only until you revoke access. Other Google Account data are not available for Gigaset QuickSync.


By default, the contacts from your phone are synchronized with the newly created Google Contact Group "Gigaset". Mark contacts from other Contact Groups as members of the "Gigaset" group in order to synchronize these contacts with your phone. You may also change the group which is used for synchronization. To do this, select another folder in the Folder list.


You can revoke the Gigaset QuickSync access to Google Contacts. To do this, click the "Revoke access" button.