What can I do if the handsfree key and the message key are flashing at the handset?

In the event of a serious error while your phone is being updated, it should be put into emergency mode. In this mode the phone is not operational. Only the firmware may be rewritten. To perform an emergency mode update please do as follows:

  1. Close the application.
  2. Disconnect USB cable from the phone.
  3. Remove battery from your phone.
  4. Hold down key "4" and "6" on the numeric pad.
  5. Put battery back in.
  6. Release key "4" and "6" (phone is blinking alternately).
  7. Reconnect USB cable.
  8. Start Gigaset QuickSync.
  9. Start firmware update again.

Please refer to your phone’s user guide for more information about the emergency mode and a detailed description about how to hold the phone during this procedure.

If Gigaset QuickSync detects a phone that is in emergency mode it prompts you to start the firmware update process. This feature cannot be disabled.


The Gigaset SL910H phone does not have Emergency Mode - it is always ready to start in ordinary mode.

If the firmware update fails for this phone:

  1. Close the application.
  2. Disconnect USB cable from the phone.
  3. Remove battery from your phone.
  4. Put battery back in.
  5. Reconnect USB cable.
  6. Start Gigaset QuickSync.
  7. Start firmware update procedure again.

Please Note:

Updating via Bluetooth is not supported. Please connect the phone you want to update using the USB cable. A valid Internet connection is required to allow checking for new firmware and updating of your phones. Gigaset QuickSync will inform you that there is no valid Internet connection. If you have more than one phone to be updated Gigaset QuickSync will only download the firmware from the Internet once.

After the new firmware is downloaded from the Internet and the update process has started you cannot cancel the process, initiate another operation or close the application.

During the update procedure:

  • Do not disconnect your device from the PC for any reason.
  • Do not turn off your PC, or activate hibernate or stand-by modes.
  • If you are using a laptop or netbook, please ensure your PC is powered up with a power supply.
  • Be patient, the update will take up to 10 minutes (without download time). The phone will disconnect and connect several times. Do not interrupt this procedure.