Which Gigaset phones support the new ContactsPush App?

All IP-based Gigaset phones (e.g. Gigaset C430A GO, C430IP) and desktop phones with Internet access (e.g. DX800A all-in-one, DL500A) are compatible with the ContactsPush app.


These telephone systems support the Gigaset ContactsPush App:

DECT IP phones:
A510 IP, A540 IP, C430 IP, C530 IP, C610 IP

DECT IP phones with answering machine:
C430A IP, C530A IP, C610A IP, C430A GO, C570A GO, CL750A GO, E630A GO, S850A GO, SL400A GO, SL450A GO

Desktop phones:
DL500A, DX600A, DX800A

DECT handsets(in conjunction with one of the phone above):
A510H, A540H, C430H/HX, C530H/HX, C570HX, C610H, C620H, CL660HX, CL750H/HX, E370HX, E630H/HX, S850H/HX, SL400H/HX, SL450H/HX