Which media files can I exchange between the handsets and a PC via Handset explorer?


The Gigaset QuickSync allows you to exchange media files between your handsets and a PC via Handset explorer and " Send to ".


The following media types can be transferred from the PC to the handset:

  • Ring tones - Polyphonic files.
  • Screensavers - Image files. They will be used as full screen pictures for the handset screensaver.
  • Caller pictures - Image files. They will be used as caller pictures on the handset.


Please note:

The handset has a limited set of permitted characters (for details please refer to the handset’s user guide). If the file on your PC has a name that contains characters not included in this set, the characters may be converted to other similar characters supported by handset, if possible.


Gigaset QuickSync supports the following image file formats:

Microsoft Windows Bitmap *.BMP, *.DIB, *.RLE
Joint Photographic Experts Group *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.JPE
Graphics Interchange Format *.GIF
Microsoft Enhanced Metafile *.EMF
Windows Metafile *.WMF
Tagged Image File Format *.TIF, *.TIFF
Portable Network Graphics *.PNG
Microsoft Windows Icons *.ICO


Gigaset QuickSync unterstützt folgende Audio-Dateiformate:

Gigaset Ringtone Format *.722, *.L22
Waveform Audio Format *.WAV
Windows Media Audio *.WMA
MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 *.MP3

Only audio files without Digital Rights Management (DRM) are supported.