Why I always get an error message, if I try to initiate an outgoing call with Outlook?

In order to use Telephony Mode of Gigaset QuickSync, the following requirements have to be met:

  • Gigaset QuickSync has to be installed properly.
  • Telephony Mode has to be activated in the Gigaset Quick Sync.
  • The “Dial options” of your contact application needs to be properly configured to use the Gigaset QuickSync line
  • The telephone number in Outlook must have the format "+Country Code (Area Code) #######."
    Example: +49 (425) 5551212
  • Windows Telephony service has to be installed and enabled. This is the default setting in Windows.


Setting up the Gigaset QuickSync line in the Outlook Dialling options:

  • Open the Contacts folder in Outlook .
  • Click New call in the Actions >> Call Contanct menu.
  • Click Dialling options in the New call dialogue.
  • In the Connect using line tab, select the Gigaset QuickSync line.
  • Confirm your entry with " OK ".
  • Close the New call dialogue.


Further and comprehensive information you will also find in the Help of the Gigaset QuickSync.