• New marketing campaign by Gigaset focusses on “digital emotions“

    Where´s the connection between a Labrador called Oscar and a Smart Home system? Gigaset elements presents the modularity of the system as part of a new digital campaign – with a series of episodes from a dog´s point of view. The intentionally striking marketing campaign centers on www.gigaset-elements.com

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  • Figures for the 1st quarter of 2015: Gigaset breaks even

    * Consolidated revenue rises to €70.1 million (Q1/2014: €65 million)

    * EBITDA improves to €8.8 million (Q1/2014: minus €7.7 million)

    * Positive consolidated net income of €0.8 million (Q1/2014: minus €12.2 million)

    * Free cash flow improves to minus €18.2 million (Q1/2014: minus €28.0 million)

    * CEO Charles Fränkl: “The new business segments are making a growing contribution to revenue. Revenue at the Business Customers Business Unit rose by 23 percent com-pared with the first quarter of...

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  • Gigaset announced as new Official Partner of Ascot and Royal Ascot

    A leading name in the telecommunications and consumer electronics sector, the Gigaset Group is announced as a new Official Partner of the world-renowned Ascot Racecourse in the United Kingdom and the prestigious Royal Meeting. As a premier partner of Ascot Racecourse, the Gigaset brand will feature throughout Ascot’s flat and jump racing seasons, including at the iconic Royal Ascot event. The partnership between Ascot Racecourse Limited and Gigaset will initially run for a five year period...

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  • Gigaset awarded the HTV-Life® mark of excellence for its E310 product family

    Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately limits a product's useful life, is a worry for consumers. The HTV-Life® mark of excellence creates clarity here – and Gigaset was one of the world’s first manufacturers to obtain it for its A400, C430, C620 and SL400 product families. The ergonomic E310 product family has now also been awarded it.

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  • Business figures for 2014: New growth segments picking up momentum – Smartphone envisaged for 2015

    * Consolidated revenue from continuing operations in 2014: €326.1 million (minus 12.1 percent)

    * EBITDA from continuing operations increased significantly to €17.5 million (€11.0 million in 2013)

    * Free cash flow from continuing operations improves to € –12.1 million (€ –40.3 million in 2013)

    * Revenue in the growth segment of Home Networks almost tripled

    * Revenue in the growth segment of Business Customers increased by around 7 percent

    * Capital measures increase capital resources and...

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  • The new Gigaset A540 CAT: Handset to complement DECT routers based on CAT-iq

    Modern broadband routers, such as the Speedports from the W 723V, W 724V and W 921V series, the o2 Homebox 2, the VR200v from TP-Link or other CAT-iq 2.0-certified devices, have integrated DECT base stations. The new Gigaset A540 CAT enables this preinstalled function to be used and therefore permits cordless convenience. The handset, which won the Red Dot Design Award, comes in the tried-and-proven Gigaset quality “Made in Germany” and so is a fully-fledged alternative to the system handsets of...

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  • Gigaset presents new Gigaset GO product series: Fixed-network cordless phones with a future

    With its new Gigaset GO product series, Gigaset presents cordless phones that add new qualities to fixed-line telephony in conjunction with smartphones and Internet-based services. The IP phones are especially suited for the new IP-based fixed-line connections of Deutsche Telekom, which will gain in importance as part of network conversion throughout Germany.

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  • Qui l’a retrouvé ? G-tag de Gigaset bien sûr !

    Qui n’a jamais passé des heures à chercher ses clés, son portefeuille ou même sa voiture ? Savez-vous qu’on passe en moyenne 38 jours de sa vie à chercher ses clés, 7 jours sa voiture et, pour les femmes, 107 jours à fouiller dans son sac à main1 ? Gigaset fait la chasse au temps perdu avec sa dernière innovation, G-tag : une balise Bluetooth 4.0 qui permet de localiser en quelques instants l’objet auquel il est rattaché.

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  • Gigaset AG appoints Kai Dorn as CFO - Contract with CEO Charles Fränkl extended

    The Supervisory Board of Gigaset AG has appointed Kai Dorn (35) as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Gigaset AG effective January 1, 2015. The Supervisory Board has also decided to extend the contract of CEO Charles Fränkl by two years. The engagement of Maik Brockmann, responsible for Corporate Affairs, will end when his contract expires on March 31, 2015.

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  • Three practical phones for Xmas

    Christmas – A time for serenity! People relax, families come together and the year is brought to an end on a slow, gentle note. Or at least that is the annual illusion propagated in bright and cheery Christmas ads. Yet in reality, Christmas often means one thing above all for many households: stress. But there’s a remedy – phones with particularly smart features that help reduce the hustle and bustle of the final days of the year.

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