Gigaset SL910, SL910A, SL910H - SMS and Touch UI Acceleration-Update 03/2012 (Handset: Version 60, Basestation: Version 59)

Gigaset SL910, SL910A, SL910H - SMS and Touch UI Acceleration-Update 03/2012 (Handset: Version 60, Basestation: Version 59)

Improvements and Changes with Firmware Update (Handset: Version 60, Basestation: Version 59):
Attention: Only if basestation and handset are updated, all improvements will be available !


  • Scrolling speed enhanced when switching between Menu Applications and Menu Settings as well as when Swiping between the Idle Screens (configurable page/ dial page and message page)
  • Speed improvements during animations of objects (e.g. sliding options or dial pad during a call)
  • Acceleration of transfers in between different dialogues
  • Sending and receiving SMS (Textmessages)
  • Additional NEW Screensaver Digital Clock 1 with attractive look-and-feel
  • NEW: Automatic picture transfer from outlook contacts into handset addressbook(with Gigaset QuickSync Version 7.2) Caller pictures in Outlook contacts are automatically associated with the address book entry  
  • Remarkable speed improvements when using the touch display



  • Access to AM lists in case of full answering machine.
  • Improvements when accessing call lists
  • Low volume on L410 when transferring call during dialing corrected
  • Fixed repeater mode.
  • Sporadic connection loss between base and handsets fixed.
  • Installation assistant will be presented when pressing date or time menu if blinking.
  • Enhanced clock accuracy.
  • Support of bluetooth headsets with PIN different to 0000.
  • In calendar: with some month-/day combinations for birthday reminders or appointments there was no marker shown
  • In rare cases the display freezes during a outgoing call (solved)
  • Correction in GAP-modus (e.g. with DX600isdn, SX685IP): in some cases there was a not correct name replacement from the directory
  • In some cases after recording a call on the answering machine the display "Line in use" was shown (corrected).


How to update the handset Gigaset SL910:

  1. Please start the software "Gigaset QuickSync" on your PC. You will find it on the internet at
  2. Please carry out the update of the Gigaset QuickSync software if it is offered.
  3. Connect the handset directly to your PC via a mini USB cable. (Do not connect the USB cable via a USB HUB to your PC; failures may occur).
  4. Leave the batteries in the handset and switch the handset on. If necessary the device driver software of your handset will be installed automatically on your PC.
  5. Establish a connection to the handset with the Gigaset QuickSync.
  6. If a new handset firmware is available, a prompt automatically appears.
  7. The firmware will be installed on your handset in several cycles.
    Do not disconnect your handset until you see the message “Handset firmware has been updated successfully”.


How to update the base station Gigaset SL910 / SL910A:

  1. Connect the base station to the Router/Internet via LAN cable
  2. The phone is in idle status, i.e.: no calls are being made, there is no internal connection, no handset has opened a menu on the base.
  3. In the Settings menu, touch System.
  4. Touch Firmware Update.
  5. Touch Update Firmware.
  6. Enter the system PIN and confirm.


Notes for Firmware update:

  • Pictures and ringtones stored on the handset should also be stored on the PC; these are deleted during an emergency update!
  • When updating SW do not connect the handset via the USB hub; please connect handset directly to the PC.