How can I activate / deactivate the key and display lock?

The key and display lock prevents the phone being operated unintentionally.
When the handset is in idle status:

  • Press and hold the menu key to activate or deactivate the lock.

When you activate the key and display lock, the Keys and display locked message
is displayed briefly. The display backlight switches itself off.

If you touch the display when the key lock is activated, nothing happens; if you try
to press a key, a corresponding message is displayed.

The lock deactivates automatically when you receive a call. It is reactivated when
the call is finished.

Please note:


  • When the keypad lock is active, you cannot call emergency numbers.
  • The display is automatically locked with the aid of a proximity sensor if you hold the handset to your ear (display backlight disappears). This lock is deactivated again when you remove the handset from your ear.
  • The sensor is located on the right next to the earpiece. If you cover it accidentally with your finger during a call, the display will also be locked.