How can I connect the base station to the router / internet to perform a software update?

You need a router to connect the base to the Internet, which is connected via a modem (may be integrated in the router) to the Internet, and an Ethernet cable (Cat 5 with 2 RJ45 Western modular plugs).

Connecting the base to the router/Internet

Your base has a LAN connection [A] that you can use to connect the base to a router. Connect one Ethernet cable plug into the LAN socket at the side of the base [A]. Insert the second Ethernet cable plug into a LAN socket on the router [B] .


Connecting the base to the local network (router)

For this, your base requires an IP address in the local network. There are two possibilities.

1) Dynamic assignment: The router's DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address to the phone. This may change depending on router settings. The DHCP server on the router must be activated!

2) Static assignment: You assign the phone a fixed IP address.

  • In the Settings menu , touch System.
  • Touch Local Network.
  • Select IP Address Type Static/Dynamic.

In the case of IP Address Type Dynamic, the fields show the settings accepted by the router. You cannot change them.

In the case of IP Address Type Static, you must specify the following information in the following fields:

IP Address

The phone's IP address. This consists of four parts (decimal figures between 0 and 255), separated by a full stop. The first three parts must correspond to the private IP address of the router.

Subnet Mask

The subnet mask to be assigned to the telephone (overwriting the current settings). The default setting is

Default Gateway

The IP address for the default gateway, through which the local network is connected to the Internet. This is generally the local IP address of your router. is the default.

Preferred DNS server

The IP address for the DNS server (Domain Name System), that converts the corresponding symbolic names into public IP addresses. You can specify your router's IP address here. is the default.