How can I copy/send the directory to another handset?

  • To transfer the directory to another handset use the following procedure:
  • Open the directory
  • Scroll horizontally using the option slider to the right until you can select "copy list"

  • Select the copy destination (Internal handset or Bluetooth-Device)
  • Select the internal user and the data transfer starts



  • The sending and receiving handsets must both be registered to the same base.
  • The other handset and the base can send and receive directory entries.
  • You can transfer the entire directory, an individual entry or several individual entries.

Please note:

  • An external call interrupts the transfer.
  • Caller pictures and sounds are not transferred. For a birthday, only the date is transferred.

When transferring an entry between two vCard handsets:

  • If the recipient does not yet have an entry with that name, a new entry is created.


  • If there is already an entry with that name, this entry is expanded with the new numbers. Where there are more than eight numbers in total, a second entry is created with the same name.


  • If the recipient is not a vCard handset: An entry is created and sent for each number.


  • Your handset receives entries from a non-vCard handset: Entries with numbers already saved are rejected, otherwise a new entry is created.