How can I update the software of the base station?

Whenever there are new or improved functions for your Gigaset base, firmware updates are made available on the Internet for you to download directly (without a PC) to your base.

You need a router to connect the base to the Internet, which is connected via a modem (may be integrated in the router) to the Internet, and an Ethernet cable (Cat 5 with 2 RJ45 Western modular plugs).

Starting the firmware update manually


The phone is connected to the Internet (i.e., connected to a router). The phone is in idle status, i.e.: no calls are being made, there is no internal connection, no handset has opened a menu on the base.

  • In the Settings menu, touch System.
  • Touch Firmware Update.
  • Enter the system PIN and confirm.
  • Touch Update Firmware.

If a new version of the base firmware is available, message “New firmware available - Update?” is displayed.

  • Press Yes to confirm.


Please note

The firmware update can take up to six minutes, depending on the quality of your DSL connection. During the update, the registered handsets temporarily lose their connection to the base.