I am not receiving any push messages, why?

If you don't receive any push messages from Gigaset elements on your smartphone, please check the following:

- Is your smartphone connected with your user account? This can be done in your Gigaset elements app under CONFIGURATION, in an event category (e.g. homecoming) click on EDIT next to NOTIFICATIONS and check to see if your smartphone appears in the displayed list. If this is not the case, click on ADD --> smartphone at the bottom of the same screen to add the smartphone to your account.

- Have you selected those events you want to receive push messages for under CONFIGURATION in the Gigaset elements app?

- Is your smartphone connected to the Internet via WiFi or 3G? Push messages will be received faster via WiFi than via 3G.

- Is your smartphone equipped with the latest OS? If your Apple device runs on an iOS lower than 8.1.1, most push messages will not be sent.

Please note that the transfer of push messages is dependent on Apple (for iPhone) and Google (for smartphones with Android), who cannot guarantee that 100% of the push messages will be transferred.

If you still don't receive any push messages, please notify our Customer Services. Please give as detailed information as possible, so that we can fix your problem as soon as possible.