Is it possible to control the alarm with my button?

If you would like to use your button to switch between Home and Away mode without a smartphone, you´ll have to configure to separate rules. Go to the RULE TEMPLATE in your RULE STORE; there you might configure i.e. that your system switches to away mode if you perform a short press. Therefore you have to combine the TEMPLATE BUTTON – SHORT PRESS with the action AWAY MODE ON. If you want to use the same button to deactivate the button you only have to select a different click type. Choose i.e. TEMPLATE BUTTON – DOUBLE PRESS and combine it with the action HOME MODE ON.
Now your button is set up to activate the away mode with a short click and deactivate it by performing a double click.

To make sure you can enter and leave your home without haste you’ve also got the possibility to customize time delays for the switching of modes. This function determines the amount of time that has to pass by until an alert goes off or the away mode is activated. If you want to set up a delay for the activation of the alarm mode you simply have to set a timespan for the away mode within the configuration of a new button rule. As shown above you have to combine the TEMPLATE BUTTON – SHORT PRESS with the action AWAY MODE ON i.e.; then simply choose the amount of time that you need to leave your house. The system stays in the last mode until the time has run out; after that it switches into the away mode.
If you need more time when coming home instead, then you might set up a delay for the away mode. Simply go to your apps CONFIGURATION and choose a timespan for your DELAY ALARM under INTRUSION. No alert will go off within this timespan, so you’ll have enough time to switch back to the home mode without a hassle – using your button.