When exactly do I receive homecoming events?

To make sure that you can always find out when someone arrives at home, you can set up push messages and emails for this event under CONFIGURATION. Your Gigaset elements reports that someone has just come home, if door first detects a door opening and then motion detects a movement in the hallway (with up to 3 minutes between the opening of the door and detecting motion).

If someone opens the door to a visitor, no homecoming message is sent. You will also not receive a homecoming message if you have only just left your home. Homecoming messages are only sent if no movement has been registered at home for at least 5 minutes prior to the opening of a door.

You have several door and/or motion detectors?

"Door open + movement (within 3 mins) = homecoming" applies to all combinations of door and motion detectors (if in the previous 5 mins no movement has been detected at home).