Window/door won't set up, now what?

If you are adding a new door or window sensor to your Gigaset elements or want to set up the door sensor in your starter kit, you have to set this up in the app:

1. In order to set up door or window, the sensor has to be in the correct position on the door or the window (for at least one minute before the setup procedure is started in the app).
2. You will be asked by the app to open the door or the window. If your window or door is open at this time, close it and open the window/the door again immediately afterwards.
3. Then you will be asked to close the door or the window. After you have done this, click on the button at the bottom of your app screen.

It didn't work? Check if

 - the sensor is online (if the LED on the sensor flashes, the sensor is offline)
- the battery is inserted in the sensor •whether the sensor has already been on the door/window for a minute before you started the setup
- this is the correct sensor (if you're in the process of setting up multiple sensors)
- it may work with the web app instead of the smartphone app (or vice versa)

You are still having difficulties?

Please contact our Customer Services and describe the problem in as much detail as possible. The following information will be helpful:

- which app (Android, iPhone, Web app) you tried
- product name of your smartphone and version of your smartphone operating system (if applicable)
- version of your Gigaset elements app (if applicable)
- internet browser and version used (if applicable)
- your computer's operating system (if applicable)