Gigaset elements replacement battery

Gigaset elements replacement battery

CHF 8.90
IVA inclusa
Tempo di consegna: 3-6 giorni lavorativi
Maximum running time thanks to original spare parts.

The replacement battery ensures that your Gigaset elements motion, door, window and button always have enough energy.

  • Compatible with elements motion, door and window
  • Easy replacement without using any extra tools
  • Long running time

+ app + free cloud service


Long battery life and easy replacement.

A spare battery should always be in the house. Only with enough energy, your Gigaset elements sensors can deliver full performance. The replacement battery is compatible with the Gigaset elements sensors motion, door and window and guarantees a long running time. Convenient: You can easily replace the battery without using any tools.

Technical details


Nome prodotto
Gigaset elements replacement battery
Caratteristiche generali
Kompatibel mit den Sensoren motion-, door- und window
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Gigaset elements replacement battery

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