How do I prepare my Smartphone for firmware update of MobileDock?

New Firmware will be announced in MobileDock APP. The firmware update will be controlled by MobileDock APP. Preconditions @ smartphone:

•MobileDock APP installed.
•Bluetooth Tethering (personal Hotspot) is available and activated on Smartphone
•Data connection available via WLAN or mobile network. iOS allows only Bluetooth tethering via mobile network.

Start the firmware update via MobileDock APP.

Bluetooth tethering is usually activated:

Android: Settings / VPN / Tethering & mobile hotspot / BT-Tethering

iOS: Settings / Personal Hotspot (please ensure SIM card and contract supports mobile data connection. Mobile data connection must be configurated.)

Tethering function can be disabled after the software update is finished. Due to data transfer additional costs may arise / depending on used mobile contract.