Bluetooth accessory can not be registered to the Gigaset handset?

Please check, whether the Bluetooth accessory supports one of the given protocols, which are supported by the Gigaset handset:


headset profile (for Bluetooth headsets)
handsfree profil (for Bluetooth headsets)
serial port profile (for PC connection)
OBject EXchange Profile (OBEX)


When the Bluetooth accessory was installed already, please delete the registration from the handset:

  • Bluetooth Menu
    Known Devices
    Select the accessory, e.g. a headset
    Delete Entry


If it is again not possible to register the accessory to the handset, please check, whether the accessory supports a reset-function, and execute it.


Please pay attention that perhaps previous settings will be deleted in the accessory.


If you would like to use a headset already registered to another device (e.g., to a mobile phone) with your Gigaset handset, please deactivate this connection before you start the registration process.