Can I delete my data from Gigaset system?

If you want to delete data which is gathered inside the app, i.e. to improve the clarity, you can simply erase events from the list. Here we will give you more information about this process.

To make a reset of your Gigaset system, i.e. to adjust it individually for a new apartment, you only have to unclaim your base. You can find the necessary steps here. As soon as you have unclaimed the base station you can register it again and set new friendly names for your sensors or modify the configurations for your new home.

It is also possible to delete all your personal data at Gigaset if you are no longer satisfied with your system. The deletion of your personal data from Gigaset system works as follows:

1. Log into the web app and go to EDIT PROFILE.
2. Click on DELETE ACCOUNT in the lower left corner.
3. Confirm the process.
4. You have to enter your password to provide that only you are able to delete your account.
5. Click on OK.
6. You´ll get a confirmation via email.
7. Click on the verification link in the mail to accept the deletion.
8. Your personal data will be deleted within the next working day.
During this process your base will also be unclaimed from your account, so now you can sell your Gigaset system or give it as a present. All events and settings will be erased too.