How to connect a Gigaset handset with the PC using a Bluetooth connection?

The connection between you PC and the Gigaset handset depents in your Bluetooth device at the PC.

To get a connection to the Gigaset it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth function at the handset.

To that it is necessary to disconnect all cables from the handset and also not to charge the device in the charging cradle while you want to work with Bluetooth.

You next have to pair your Gigaset handset with your PC. To do that start you Bluetooth software at your PC and search for new Bluetooth devices. The Gigaset will be shown, preconditioned it is in the radio radius of max. 10 meters to your PC.

After the PC has found the handset you have to enter an security code. As a rule you get several possibilities for the security code. Please select the on which offers you to enter the code manually. Then enter a code, like 0000.

Right now a window appears in the handset which prompts you to enter the code. Please enter here the same code as you selected before: 0000

The pairing now has finished.