How to search for an entry in the online directory


You have opened the online directory.

You can enter data in the following fields:

  • Surname: 
  • Category/Name:
    • Enter the name, part of a name or the business type (max.30characters).
  • City:
    • Enter the name of the town/city in which the party you are searching for lives (max. 30characters).
  • If you have already completed a search, the last names of the towns/cities you entered are displayed (maximum of five). You can enter a new name or select one of the city names dis-played using s and confirm with OK.


  • Number:
    • Enter the number (max.30characters).

Press the display key Search or control key to start the search.


You must complete either the Surname: or Category/Name: and City: fields or just the Number. Searching by number is only possi-ble if supported by the online directory you have selected.


A list of the towns/cities found is displayed if the search returns more than one result:

  • Select the town/city.
  • If the name of a town/city is longer than one line, it is abbre-viated.
  • Select View to view the complete name.
  • If no matching town/city is found: Press Back to change the search criteria. The entries for Category/Name and City are copied and can be changed.
  • Press the display key Search to continue the search.
  • A corresponding message will appear on the display if no party is found to match the search criteria. You have the following options:
    • Press the display key New to start a new search.Or
    • Press the display key Change to change the search criteria. The name and town/city are copied over and can be changed.

No hits are displayed if the list of hits is too large. A message to this effect is displayed.

  • Press the display key Refine to start a more detailed search


  • Depending on the provider, you can view the list if the number of hits is shown on the display. Press the display key View.