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Berlin, September 2, 2015 – The GIGASET ME smartphone series combines beautiful design with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the user experience. With innovative photo technology, optimised hi-fi sound and intuitive lifestyle features, each of the premium smartphones has been built with the quality and design that GIGASET is renowned for, embodying the values of German engineering. The GIGASET ME and GIGASET ME Pure’s high-contrast 5-inch full HD display is perfectly aligned to meet users’ every day needs, while the full HD 5.5-inch display of the GIGASET ME Pro is ideal for gaming and entertainment.

The GIGASET ME and GIGASET ME Pure’s high-contrast 5-inch full HD display is perfectly aligned with most users’ everyday needs. The full HD GIGASET ME Pro with its 5.5-inch display provides ideal conditions for large-scale gaming and entertainment applications.

Innovative photo technology
Using innovative professional photo technologies, the sapphire-protected cameras of the GIGASET ME series make every image shine, whether you’re a photo enthusiast, Instagrammer or just taking the occasional snapshot. Pictures are taken in the blink of an eye with a specially developed up to 0.16-second autofocus of the GIGASET ME and the GIGASET ME pure and 0.2-second autofocus of the GIGASET ME pro. All models feature a high-resolution 8 MP front-facing camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens. While the GIGASET ME’s 16 MP and the GIGASET ME Pure’s 13 MP main cameras are already at the cutting edge of technology, the GIGASET ME Pro’s 20 MP camera will make the hearts of even the most demanding users beat faster. The camera provides excellent depth of focus, while the up to 5 cm macro is perfect for close-ups. The GIGASET ME’s and ME Pro’s main camera has a two-tone flash for an optimal mix of cold and warm light, the ME Pure has a single colour flash. The GIGASET ME series’ innovative Focus Later feature is inspired by professional SLR technology. A small motor allows users to focus a section of an image even after the photo is taken. The GIGASET ME series have a resolution of up to 2K for videos.

Optimized hi-fi sound
From use with sound systems or external speakers, the GIGASET ME series’ entire sound design wins users over with its consistency and harmony. Its high-end HD sound design meets all modern requirements for voice quality and audio playback. All GIGASET models feature a dedicated Hi-Fi chipset and include Dirac HD Sound®, which is optimised for music playback, as well as CSR Bluetooth® audio technology, offering wireless transmission via Bluetooth in CD quality. In addition, the GIGASET ME series supports high-quality formats such as FLAC, WAV and APE for unbeatable sound on the go. GIGASET’s commitment to the smartphones’ distinctive design is reflected in the look of the high-quality in-ear headphones, featuring flat ribbon cables that avoid tangled cords. Two built-in microphones in the smartphone provide top voice quality even in noisy environments. While one microphone records background noise with the help of a special chipset and automatically filters it out, the second microphone is optimised for speech.

Limitless performance
With the GIGASET ME and GIGASET ME Pro’s SnapdragonTM 810 and the GIGASET ME Pure’s SnapdragonTM 615, all models have advanced, sustainable 64-bit eight-core processors. Combined with the AdrenoTM 430 graphics processor (GIGASET ME Pure: AdrenoTM 405), GIGASET delivers top performance for efficient multitasking and a superfluid UI experience based on Android version 5.1.1 as well as the most sophisticated applications and 3D games. Generous 3 gigabytes of DDR4 memory (GIGASET ME Pure: 2 gigabytes, DDR 3) also support the excellent user experience. With 32 gigabytes of internal memory (GIGASET ME Pure: 16 gigabytes), the GIGASET ME series offers enough space for music, photos and video files. Users wanting more can easily and inexpensively purchase an external micro-SD card for 128 gigabytes and use one of the dual sim slots for additional storage capacity. GIGASET ME models are among the first smartphones in the world to have the most up-to-date Type C USB port. The port is symmetrical eliminating the need to work out which way the cable fits and the risk of damaged USB ports. In addition, the new standard means that smartphones can be recharged up to twice as fast as before while data transfer rates are dramatically increased. GIGASET is also a pioneer in terms of battery capacity. The GIGASET ME generously dimensioned rechargeable battery is optimised for energy efficiency, and users can make calls for up to 24 hours straight or enjoy music for up to 34 hours.

Intuitive lifestyle features
Each model supports two LTE high-speed category 6 SIM cards with a download transmission rate of up to 300 MBit/s (GIGASET ME Pure: 150 Mbit/s). Users can choose their own provider, as the GIGASET ME series comes without a contract. The fingerprint sensor at the back features the latest encryption technology and ensures fast and secure access, as well as allowing users to intuitively answer incoming calls. In addition, the pre-installed antivirus solution from Avira secures sensitive user data and protects it during online activities. With the integrated infrared transmitter, all GIGASET ME models can be turned into a fully functioning remote control and comes with a preinstalled database covering 95% of existing devices and it can also learn additional devices. The GIGASET ME Health Centre gives users access to a comprehensive collection of sensor modules, including a step counter and heart rate monitor. Thanks to a UV sensor, users also have the opportunity to measure harmful ultraviolet radiation to ensure adequate sun protection.

Comprehensive selection of extras
All three models come with a robust Type C USB ribbon cable and an adapter for different countries. In the GIGASET online store, users can also find extras including different cases and skins for protection. All GIGASET ME devices will become commercially available in Europe and China in autumn 2015.

Prices will be 349 € for the entry-level model GIGASET ME Pure, 469 € for the standard model GIGASET ME and 549 € for the premium model GIGASET ME Pro.

Press Contact:
Raphael Dörr
Press Spokesman Gigaset AG
Phone: +49 (0)89 444 456 866

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