How can I connect the PC with the telephone's Web configurator?

Prerequisites: A standard Web browser is installed on the PC e.g., Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher, or Firefox version 1.0.4 or higher. The phone and PC are directly connected with each other via a router. The settings of any existing firewall installed on your PC allow the PC and phone to communicate with each other.

There are two ways of connecting your PC to the Web configurator on the Gigaset:


1. Via the phone's IP address in the local network

Establish the current IP address of the phone. It is displayed when you open the following menu:

  • Menu-Settings-System-Local Network (enter PIN)

Your phone's IP address can change if you have activated dynamic IP address Assignment

  • Launch the Web browser on your PC.
  • Enter http:// and the telephone's current IP address (for example: into the address field of the Web browser.
  • Press the return key.

A connection is established to the phone's Web configurator.

If one of the four parts of the IP address contains leading zeros (e.g., 002), these zeros must not be entered in the Web browser address field. Otherwise, the Web browser will not be able to establish a connection to the Web configurator.
Example: The IP address is displayed on the phone. should be entered in the address field.

2. Via the Gigaset configuration service, if the phone and PC are connected to the Internet

Prerequisite: Your PC and phone are connected to the Internet.


  • Launch the Web browser on your PC.
  • Enter one of the following URLs into the Web browser's address field:

  • Press the return key.


You will receive a message stating that the connection has been forwarded to phone.
If several Gigaset phones can be reached via your Internet connection, you are asked which of these phones you would like to be connected to.
After successfully forwarding the connection, the Web configurator's Login page is displayed in the Web browser.


Please note:
The connection between the PC and the Web configurator is a local connection (LAN connection). The Internet is only accessed to establish the connection.