How can I receive e-mail messages from incoming e-mail server?

Your handset can be used to notify you of new e-mail messages on your

POP3/POP3S server and to display the incoming e-mail list and all or

parts of the message text.



  • Your base is connected to the Internet.
  • You have set up an e-mail account with an ISP.
  • The incoming e-mail server uses the POP3/POP3S protocol
  • You have stored the name of the incoming e-mail server and your personal access data (account name, password) in the phone via the Web configurator.


To enable the e-mail notification, open the menu Settings - E-Mail in the Web-Interface and save the access data for your mailbox on the phone:


Authentication name:

Enter your username or e-mail account name as agreed with the Internet provider (maximum 74 characters).

Authentication password:

Enter the password agreed with your provider for accessing the POP3/POP3S server (maximum 32 characters; case-sensitive).

POP3 Server:

Enter the name of the POP3/POP3S server (maximum 74 characters).


POP3 Server port:

Enter the communication port used on the POP3/POP3S server (number between 1 and 55,000).

The default setting is port 110. Enabling the Secure Connection (SSL) function automatically changes the port number to 995.

Check for new e-mail:

Select the time interval from the list at which your phone should check if new messages have arrived via your POP3/POP3S server.

Select Never to disable the check.

Select one of the other values to enable the check for new e-mail messages.

Secure Connection (SSL):

Indicate whether the phone should be authenticated with the POP3S server via a secure connection (POP3S via SSL/TLS).

  • Select Yes to enable the encryption. A prerequisite for successfully establishing a connection to the POP3S server is that a server and a client certificate have been saved on the base station. Enabling this function overwrites the existing port number in POP3 Server port with 995.
  • Clicking on No transfers the access data without encryption.