How can I register a repeater?




Please refer to the user guide of your

phone to check whether your base station is suitable for operating the

repeater and how to prepare it for registering the repeater.

starting registration, position the Gigaset Repeater directly adjacent

to the base station and to a power connection. If you are already using

Gigaset Repeaters, these must be switched on and positioned close to the

base station for this registration procedure.

Automatic registration
Carry out the following steps:

  • Switch on Gigaset Repeater: Connect the power supply unit to a plug socket. Following this, the device will enter registration mode for 5 minutes.
  • Prepare the base station for registering the repeater, in the same way as you would to manually register a handset. Please refer to the operating instructions for your base station.

The repeater will automatically be registered to the

base station. The LEDs will indicate whether registration was

successful or unsuccessful.

Please note: Ensure that no other base stations in registration mode are located close to the Gigaset Repeater during this procedure.



may be necessary to de-register the repeater, for example if it has to

be replaced. Information about this can be found in the operating

instructions of your base station, or via the system menu of your phone

e.g. C430/C430A, C530/C530A, CL660/CL660A, E630/E630A. For phones

without a repeater system menu, the repeater can be de-registered using

the Reset Repeater procedure.