How do I mount motion?

When you've found the right place for motion you can mount it by sticking or screwing it to the wall; you can also use the stand for a flexible installation.

. Put the battery in and attach the smaller panel on the front and the larger panel on the back of motion by simply clicking it into place.

2. If motion is not part of the Gigaset elements starter kit, you must now connect motion with base. Open your Gigaset elements app, go to SYSTEM OVERVIEW and click on ADD. Then the app will take you through the additional steps.

3. In the following we will explain the three ways to install or mount motion:

Stand assembly:
If you have a shelf or a cupboard at the corresponding height you can mount motion using the stand. To secure the stand you just click it into place behind the panel. Important: In order to remove the stand, you have to first take out the battery and press the white button in the middle to release the back panel. Then you can press the two brackets together in the middle (klick here for detailed information).

Mounting on straight surfaces by sticking or drilling:
Before drilling or sticking we recommend you should think carefully about where you want to install motion. For direct mounting on the wall you can use the enclosed adhesive strips and stick the sensor to the wall.

Alternatively, you can use the enclosed screws and attach the back panel of motion to the wall. Then you reattach motion to the back panel.

Mounting in wall corners by sticking or drilling: First, clip the corner piece into the back of motion.

When using the corner piece you should hold the sensor for a short time in the corner of the wall to see whether it is pointing in the right direction. Please make sure that the front is pointing in the direction of the door (motion must not be aligned horizontally).

Stick the adhesive strips onto the back of the wall bracket and press motion onto the wall with the sticky side down for about 15 seconds at the place previously determined.

You will need your drill for drilling and after you are finished you can use the plugs and screws to secure the wall bracket to the wall. Simply use the wall bracket or the corner piece to mark the place for drilling.