Is it possible to configure the Gigaset phone from a PC in other networks(Remote access)?

The default setting for your phone only allows you to access your phone's Web configurator via a PC that is in the same local network as your phone. The subnet mask of the PC must match that of the phone. You can also allow access from PCs in other networks:

  • Open the Web configurator
  • Go to "Settings" - "IP Configuration"
  • Show Advanced Settings
  • Enable the option "Allow access from other networks"

Warning: Authorising access from other networks increases the risk of unauthorised access. It is therefore recommended that you disable remote access if you no longer require it.

Please note: The Web configurator services can only be accessed from other networks if your router passes on the service requests from "outside" to port 80 (the default port) of the phone. Make sure you read the user manual for your router. To establish a connection, the public IP address or the DNS name of the router and, where applicable, the port number on the router must be indicated in the Web browser of the remote PC.