The activation of base does not work, why?

Are you having difficulties with the synchronisation of base and your account? We hope that we can help you further with these tips.

1. Power and Internet connection​:

The main requirement for connecting base with your account is, that it has power and is connected to the Internet. Before you press the pairing button on base and enter the activation code in your app, please check if the LEDs on base are as follows:

- The top LED is lit: This means that base is supplied with power.
- The middle LED is lit: This means that base is connected to the Internet.
- The bottom LED flashes slowly. This means that base is not yet connected with your account.

The top LED is not lit up? Check if the power supply is connected properly with base and power socket?

The middle LED is flashing? Then base is not connected to the Internet. Check whether or not the LAN cable is correctly connected with your router and base and check whether something is wrong with your home Internet connection by using your computer or smartphone.

Now the bottom LED should flash slowly and the upper and middle LEDs are lit up.

2. Ready for synchronisation:
When you have reached this point, you have to play an active role. After you have logged into the Gigaset elements app using your email address and password, you will be prompted in the app to press the pairing button on the base station (this is located directly above the 3 LEDs). Press it and release it again. Then click on NEXT. After you have done this, please check the LEDs again:

  • The upper and middle LED lights should both still be lit up
  • The lower LED should now flash more quickly (several times per second): this means that base is ready for synchronisation and thus for the entering the activation code

The lower LED is not flashing, even though all of the requirements described above have been met and you have pressed the pairing button? Then please report this problem to our Customer Services and indicate the activation code from base in your message.

3. Entering the activation code:
Now you will be prompted by the app to type the 10-digit base activation code into the app. It only consists of numbers and capital letters. You can find it on the back of base. Enter the code and click on NEXT.

Caution: For security reasons base is only ready to login for 90 seconds after pressing the pairing button. Therefore make sure you have entered the activation code and clicked NEXT in the app within this time. If you have entered the activation code incorrectly 5 times, you can try again after 30 minutes.

You get an error message? A possible cause is that base is already connected to a different account. This can be the case, for example, if you want to set up a used product and the previous user has not logged base out from his account. In this case please notify our Customer Services and ask to unlock this base station. Please provide the activation code in your message and provide evidence to prove without doubt, that you are the legitimate owner of this base.

4. Tips & Tricks: ​
There is just no way to avoid it entirely: Sometimes something goes wrong somewhere. In some cases, it helps to unplug base and then plug it back in again after 5 minutes and try synchronisation again.

Or you can try synchronisation using the smartphone app instead of the Web app or vice versa. If one of these two tricks works, we would of course still like to hear your feedback so that we are able to fix the problem.

5. It just won´t work:
We are sorry that you are still not able to use your Gigaset elements. Please feel free to contact our colleagues at Customer Services and describe as precisely as possible whenever there is a problem. Please enter the activation code of your base in the message. In general, the more information you can give us, e.g. smartphone model used, operating system and version of your smartphone/PC, Internet browser used and version (if you have used the Web app), the more we can help you.