What features does the starter kit offer?

The starter kit provides you with real time information on your home via your Gigaset elements app. It tells you when somebody enters or leaves through your door, if there is a suspected break-in and if your Gigaset elements is working flawless or not.

You can share what is happening in your home with people, to make sure they are always informed if something unexpected happens.

To be up to date anytime what is happening in your home, you (or other roommates / neighbors) can have push notifications and emails sent to you. Currently this is possible for following events:

Suspected break-in:
The door sensor recognizes that somebody is trying to open the door violently.

Through the interaction of the door and the motion sensor you are informed if somebody arrives at home (how?).

Away mode:
If no one is at home for a considerable period of time, you can inform yourself by activating away mode when the door is being opened, motions are recognized or when a window is being opened or tilted (for the last notification you need window as an additional sensor).

System status:
Here you are immediately informed if your system needs your attention, e.g. if the battery is low.

Currently it is not possible to determine a certain timeframe for receiving notifications. However this update is planned.