What is VLAN-Tagging and how can I use it?

With VLAN-Tagging you can connect your base station to a local network that is divided into virtual subnetworks (VLAN – Virtual Local Area Network). In a tagged VLAN, data packets are assigned to the individual subnetworks via tags (markings) that consist of a VLAN Identifier and the VLAN Priority, amongst others. The VLAN Identifier identifies the subnetwork. The VLAN Priority allows voice data transport to take priority, for example.

You will need to save the VLAN Identifier / VLAN Priority on the base station. Your VLAN provider will supply you with this data.


Use VLAN Tagging

  • Select Yes if you want the base station to use VLAN tagging.

VLAN Identifier

  • Enter the VLAN Identifier. Numbers ranging from 0–4094 (12-bit values) are permitted.

VLAN Priority

  • Enter the VLAN Priority. Numbers ranging from 0–7 (3-bit values) are permitted.

If the details in VLAN Identifier or VLAN Priority are incorrect, you will no longer be able to establish a LAN connection to and from the base station. You must carry out a hardware reset (reset the base station using the paging key). This means that all base station settings are lost.