Where should I install motion?

When commissioning the Gigaset elements starter kit we recommend that you mount Motion
- on the wall containing the front door
- on the side of the door handle
- at a height of approx. 2.40 m
- with a clear view of the entrance area
- in a vertical orientation

motion must not
- point in the direction of a window as rays of sunlight can affect the fine sensor technology of the motion detector.
- be more than 50 m away from base
- be mounted near heating, air conditioning or a fan, since these devices will also affect the fine sensors
- be mounted on a vibrating surface (e.g. a speaker or subwoofer) or on a window

You can mount the motion wall bracket by sticking or drilling and screwing it in. Or you can use the stand for a flexible installation.

If you mount motion as described above, it can assist you in a number of aspects:

- It lets you know if one of your loved ones comes home
- If you suspect a burglary you can check whether someone actually entered the house.

If you buy an additional motion detector (or your entrance area is set out differently and it is not possible to mount motion as described above), please note the following:
- motion cannot recognize movement behind doors, walls, cabinets, etc.!
- Find a different location where motion has a clear view of the area to be monitored
- motion registers movements at an angle of 90 degrees and a distance up to 12 metres, at a velocity of 0,3 to 3 m/s
- In this case, motion should also be mounted at a height of approx. 2.40 m