Why does the handset not display the info service information in idle mode(screensaver)?

If the handset does not display the info service information in idle mode, please check the following handset settings:

  • Activate the Screensaver in the menu: Menu – Settings – Display – Screen saver
  • In the screensaver settings, the option Info services must be set as Screensaver


Incoming text information via internet will overwrite the Screensaver.


Precondition: The info service must be activated.

  • Open the following Web page of the Web configurator: Settings - Info services
  • Activate Yes to switch the display of text information on.
  • Click Set to save the settings in your phone.


Configuring info services:

Click the link www.gigaset.net/myaccount or enter the URL into the address field of a different browser window.

Enter the account data shown on the 'Info services on screensaver' Web page into the fields for the user account. This will open a Web page where you can compile your info service. Define which information should be sent regularly to your handset.