Gigaset C530A GO


Gigaset C530A GO

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The reinterpretation of a classic.
  • Gigaset GO technology to connect your landline to the smart communication services of the future
  • Three integrated answering machines with up to 55 minutes of recording time
  • Phone book for up to 200 entries with three numbers each
  • Large 1.8'' illuminated TFT colour display

Uncomplicated design, impressive performance.

The Gigaset C530A GO stands out for its reduced practical design and its powerful functionality. Its large illuminated TFT colour display can be set with a black or a light background and provides excellent readability and navigation. Equally impressive: the large phone book that offers space for up to 200 entries with up to three numbers each. Hats off!

  • Alarm clock, calendar, birthday reminder
  • Brilliant acoustics (HD voice)
  • Comfortable hands-free function in full-duplex quality
  • 5-step volume adjustment for earpiece and hands-free function
  • 5-step ringtone volume adjustment
  • Day/night mode: time-controlled ringtone deactivation on the handset excluding VIP contacts
  • Illuminated voicemail key signals new messages

Perfect for today. Ready for the future.

With the optional Gigaset GO technology you can choose between landline telephony using one number only and Internet calls with up to six numbers for two simultaneous conversations. Also included: three integrated answering machines for both landline and internet numbers. Connect your phone to to make free calls worldwide to other Gigaset GO devices. Or integrate your smartphone into your landline network: to easily add your mobile contacts to your handset and to be alerted of incoming emails or missed landline calls. An exciting extra: quick access to various online services such as live weather updates and eBay. Hello, future!

Perfectly adjusted volume.

With the five-step volume control for the earpiece and hands-free function, you can quickly adapt the volume of your conversation to your surroundings and your personal preferences. The ringtone, which can even be heard in very loud situations, can also be adjusted. An especially handy extra: the integrated day/night mode. It ensures that the ringtone on your handset is automatically suppressed during specific times of the day. Except when your VIP contacts are calling – people who should be able to reach you around the clock.

Well connected and up to date.
The generously laid out phone book of the Gigaset C530A GO offers space for up to 200 entries with three numbers each. And should you ever miss a call: The illuminated voicemail key notifies you immediately – and makes it easy for you to check your messages. That way, you’re always up to date.



A melody for every occasion.

The Gigaset C530A GO is equipped with plenty of practical features that provide you with the highest comfort – every day. Take, for instance, the alarm with snooze function. Or the calendar with space for up to 30 appointments. Or the birthday reminder. Every feature can be given its own melody – so you never miss an important event.

Hands-free flexibility.

Thanks to HD voice the Gigaset C530A GO offers brilliant acoustics and excellent speech quality. As well as an outstanding hands-free function in full-duplex quality – so you can enjoy absolute freedom of movement while speaking on the phone. After all, the best conversations can last up to several hours. Believe us: having your hands free for other things will soon be something you’ll never want to do without again. By the way, with a speaking time of up to 14 hours, the Gigaset C530A GO will never let you down.

Risparmio energetico senza radiazioni.

Grazie all'alimentatore a risparmio energetico di Gigaset C530A GO si consuma meno elettricità, così si risparmia e si rispetta l’ambiente. Tutti i telefoni cordless Gigaset riducono autonomamente le emissioni di onde radio in funzione della distanza tra base e portatile. Selezionando la modalità ECO dal menu del cordless, è possibile ridurre fino all’80% le emissioni di onde radio in conversazione. Inoltre con la tecnologia ECO Plus non ci sono emissioni di onde radio quando il portatile è in stand-by.

Messages after the beep.

Never miss another call! With the Gigaset C530A GO, a total of three answering machines take your calls while you can’t – with up to 55 minutes of recording time and individual announcements for your landline and internet numbers.

Easily adjusted to your home.

The landline system of the new Gigaset C530A GO can be easily expanded by up to five additional handsets – making it the ideal choice for families or for the home office. No matter where you are – in the bedroom, the kitchen or the study – you can immediately answer every call and even make internal calls. Best of all: you can combine your base station with a variety of handsets – just as you like.

Find out here which phones are compatible.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset C530A GO
General features
Analog, VoIP
Number of telephone numbers (analogue)
Telephone numbers (IP)
Calls in parallel (analogue)
Calls in parallel (IP)
Mobile connection
DECT Standards
Autom. reduction of transmission power, Radiation-free in standby mode, Low energy consumption
Answering maschine
Additional features
Gigaset GO Features worldwide telephony, Gigaset GO Apps, Online Services, E-Mail Notification
Standby time up to (h)
Talk time up to (h)
Address book # entries, (name, surname, 3 numbers, pictures, date-reminder, sounds)
Individual ringertones for VIP entries
Room monitoring (Babyphone)
Internal (second handset required), External
Direct dial (Babycall)
Alarm function
Optical call signaling
Illuminated display, Flashing send key
Number of Expandable Handsets
Number assignment for incoming and outgoing external calls
Number assignment for incoming and outgoing internal calls
Free internal calls
Phone-/Adressbook-transfer internal via DECT (handset to handset)
Internal transfer of external calls, conference circuit, call back
Audio features
Sound Quality / Accustic Features
HD Voice (wideband voice)
Handsfree talking
Convenient hands-free talking (full duplex quality)
Handsfree talking handset / base
Number of ringtones
Display features
Display Type
Color Display
Dimensions (H x W mm)
35 x 28
Diagonal spread (inch)
Resolution (px)
128 x 160
Jumbo Fonts
Display of caller
Display of caller’s number (CLIP)
List of last # missed calls with time and date
List of # outgoing calls with time and date
List of # received calls with time and date
List of # all calls with time and date
Multilingual menu (several display languages)
Time / Date displayed
Keypad features
Illuminated Keypad
Easy handling with navigation key
Message indicator key
Answering machine
Recording time up to … min.
Number of answering machines
Answering and recording function
Answering function only
AM control
Via handset
Remote Querying
Languages answering machine
Dimensions / Specs
Handset, H x W x D in mm
156 x 48 x 27
Handset, weight incl. Accu in g
Base station, H x W x D in mm
132 x 105 x 46
Base station, weight in mm
Charger, H x W x D in mm
36 x 75 x 71
Charger, weight in g
Questions & Answers
Download & Support

Gigaset C530A GO

  • Patch per password VoIP superiore a 32 caratteri
    Patch per password VoIP superiore a 32 caratteri
    (Per compatibilità con i più avanzati servizi VoIP come ad esempio il VoIP di TIM)

    “Patch_normal”: resiste ai reboot e agli aggiornamenti firmware; si rimuove tramite firmware downgrade o reset da pagina web o bottone. Per caricare la patch è necessario:

    Come installare la patch:
    • collegarsi alla pagina web del dispositivo nel seguente modo:

    - "Inserisci l'indirizzo IP del telefono nel tuo browser web o vai su" ".
    Assicurati che il tuo telefono e il tuoi PC/tablet siano connessi alla stessa rete
    • andare alla sezione “Configurazioni >> Gestione >> Aggiornamento del firmware”
    • cliccare su "Aggiornamento del firmware" e attendere l'aggiornamento del firmware

    Ora che il firmware è aggiornato passiamo all’installazione della patch
    andare alla sezione “Configurazioni >> Gestione >> Salva & Ripristina”
    • cliccare su “Sfoglia” e selezionare il percorso del file di patch
    • cliccare su “Ripristina”
    • attendere il riavvio del dispositivo ed inserire, successivamente, la SIP Key (“Autenticazione Password”).

    Nota: Quando carichi la patch, avvia poi la procedura guidata VoIP nel configuratore web:
    Impostazioni / Telefonia / Connessioni:
    Scegliere una connessione, fai clic su Modifica, quindi fai clic su Avvia Assistente configurazione o utilizzare il menu del portatile Impostazioni / Telefonia / Assistente VoIP Puoi anche fare riferimento al manuale nella sezione come configurare un account VoIP.

    Se hai difficoltà nel seguire la procedura puoi chiamare il call center al numero 02 60063045 che passo dopo passo ti aiuta nell’istallazione. Download
  • Firmware update (version 248) 01/2019
    Firmware update (version 248) 01/2019
    • Improvements and bug fixes

    Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here:
  • Firmware update (version 247) 07/2018
    Firmware update (version 247) 07/2018
    • Improvements and bug fixes

    Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here:
  • Firmware update (version 245) 02/2018

    Firmware update (version 245) 02/2018 

    • Improvements and bug fixes

    Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here:

  • Firmware update (version 243) 08/2017
    Firmware update (version 243) 08/2017

    • Corrections of Turkish characters
    • Improvements and bug fixes


    Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here: Download
  • Firmware update (version 241) 03/2017
    Firmware update (version 241) 03/2017
      • Information about registered handsets in WEB configurator (status pages) visible
      • Operating time of device in WEB configurator visible
      • Answering machines: remaining recording time, recording quality and activation status visible in WEB configurator
      • Help texts in Turkish language available
      • Support of Turkish characters
      • Firmware update for Gigaset HX handsets
      • Improvements and bug fixes

      Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here:
    • Firmware update (version 240) 10/2016

      Firmware update (version 240) 10/2016 

        • Paging key on the base station is flashing when phone is in registration mode
        • Call block list is updated to 25 entries (GO-phones only)
        • Correction of notified phone number regarding call notification on mobile devices (GO-phones only)
        • Possible to enable DNS SRV Lookup via radio button
        • Correction regarding CLIP functionality for Russia
        • Improvements and bug fixes

        Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here:

      • Firmware update (version 238) 05/2016

        Firmware update (version 238) 05/2016 

        • Convenient changing of language for the voice prompt and default announcement
        • New languages for WEB configurator: Turkish and Czech 
        • Help pages in  Russian, Portuguese and Greek language
        • Improvements and bug fixes

            Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here:

          • Firmware update (version 228) 10/2015

            Firmware update (version 228) 10/2015

            • Shorter boot time during first installation
            • Improved compatibility with MobileDock
            • Improved WEB-UI page to configure IP accounts
            • Support regarding Croatian and Romanian language improved
            • Improvement regarding black list
            • Improvements and bug fixes

            Detailed information about this update can be downloaded here:

          • Firmware update (version 223) 07/2015

            Firmware update (version 223) 07/2015 

            • Call protection against unwanted calls
            • Improvements and bug fixes
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