Gigaset care plan

Gigaset care plan

Please ask your local dealer for complete details regarding price and availability.

Suitable for the smart motion, smart care and smart care+phone packages.

The monthly plan includes:

  • Intelligent cloud solution
  • smart care app
  • Add up to four family members/friends
  • Push notifications in the event of an emergency
  • Daily statistical reports of all routines
    (= defined applications) to detect any irregularities in their daily routine

Do you already have a Gigaset smart care system at home and just need the monthly plan?

Register with us for only EUR 6.95 per month.

The Gigaset care plan includes the following services:

  • Always up to date: software is updated automatically on all devices
  • 100% secure: Confidential data is stored in a secure cloud in Germany
  • Always ready: Selected relatives are notified automatically in an emergency
  • Always connected: Easy to control using the smartphone app and automatic push notifications in an emergency
  • All inclusive: No activation charges, no hidden costs
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Gigaset care plan

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