Gigaset Crystalclear Backside Protector (GS4)


Gigaset Crystalclear Backside Protector (GS4)

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For Gigaset GS4.
  • The crystal-clear protective case prevents scratches to the rear of your smartphone and helps prevent damage to your smartphone by reinforcing it
  • The special coating helps keep the surface clear and makes it easier to clean
  • Easy to apply

Perfect protection for your Gigaset GS4.

The crystal-clear protective case for Gigaset GS4 is optimised to guarantee complete protection against scratches, drops and dust. The protective case fits the smartphone perfectly and comes with an anti-fingerprint coating, so it feels just like the glass underneath. Fitting the protective case is simple, meaning even inexperienced users will be able to fit the case in a matter of seconds.

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Gigaset Crystalclear Backside Protector (GS4)

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